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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Things I LOVE About Madrid

  • I basically live 5 minutes walk away from Madrid’s equivalent to Oxford Street, Gran Via. I have never lived in a capital city before, I’m more of a country bumpkin, however, I absolutely love how easy I can get around, and how there is always something going on, just outside my front door. 
  • Dogs. I have never in my life seen so many cute dogs in one place. I have always liked dogs, but in Madrid I LOVE DOGS. From the gay couples who wander around with miniature dogs dressed in bright, blingy outfits, to the fat french bulldogs owned by the hip, punky, youngsters. 
  • The bright clear sunny skies in Winter. It’s currently February, and for most of the month it has been a lovely 14 degrees in Madrid. The other day, I nearly whipped out my short shorts and ray bans..typical English behaviour.
  • Street entertainers/metro acts: The majority of the Spanish public don’t have a heart. OK, I guess thats a bit harsh. I’ll try again… the majority of the Spanish public don’t enjoy the little things in life. Wherever you go in central Madrid, there will always be a street performer, and quite often, the Madrileños don’t batter an eyelid. They never fail to make me smile though. My mornings are always brightened up by someone on the metro bursting into song.
My Top 3 performers are as follows: 
1) Crazy Spanish lady who pushes round a boom box on her granny trolley singing Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.
2) The chap who sits on Fuencarral attempting to sing Bob Marley. “dun worry bout a ting cus erry little ting is gon be aaaaaright.” 
3) The three miniature Mexican hombres who serenaded me on the metro when I was tired and fed up.

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