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Friday, 29 March 2013

Zoo Aquarium de Madrid

I absolutely LOVE animals. They are just so fascinating don't cha think!? Back in October Charlie, Greg and I decided to go to Madrid Zoo and Aquarium. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! 

Only a short metro ride away from the centre of Madrid, the Zoo is situated in Casa del Campo, a gorgeous forestal area. The Zoo itself is huge, hosting over 2000 animals. 


1) Baby Orangutan that travelled around on its mother's head.
2) The Capuchin monkey that nodded at me when I waved at it. 
3) The Tapir who was just chilling out with a magpie sat on its back. 
4) The hyperactive Monkey that slid down a rope on its belly. 
5) The baby Gorilla. 
... Can you tell I like Monkeys?! 

Overall, the highlight of our trip was the Dolphin Show, which was just magical! We also went to see a Bird of Prey show, which resulted in a rather hilarious incident. The birds are trained to fly from one side of the arena to the other, and it wasn't until after the Vulture's moment of fame that Greg realised he was sat in a rather precarious position. As the Vulture soared through the sky, on its descent it decided to slap Greg right round the face with its massive wing, which resulted in a huge fit of giggles from all three of us. 

Madrid Zoo and Aquarium is definitely worth a visit, especially when the weather gets a wee bit better. We are planning on going back in May to spend a whole day relaxing in the sun, with a nice picnic, checking out the animals and hopefully this time, none of us will get whacked round the face by a Bird of Prey! 

Oh, and the little cutie in the picture above is the new Bebé Elefante at the Zoo, just in case you need another excuse to visit...

Taken by Giselle Helene Elizabeth Boxer

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