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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Julia Roberts

Today we walked up the road to see Uncle Pedro's house. He has 7 huge dogs which roam around his farm, and recently the mummy dog misbehaved herself with the neighbours male dog. 10 days ago, two little Perritos arrived on the farm, so the children like to go and visit them in the afternoon. Pedro is an absolute legend. He has a bald head, is pretty hefty and looks incredibly Spanish. He was wearing a black t-shirt which said 'No me gusta la ciudad', which made me chuckle. For all you non spanish speakers out there, he is basically a proper farm lover.

As soon as he met me, he goes 'Julia Roberts ey!' Pretty funny guy. I've actually been called Julia Roberts on a number of occasions, which is obviously quite a compliment! It's better than being called Jessie J I guess! 

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