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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

My Aupair Experience So Far...

So I've been here a week, and boy has it been hard work. I teach the children for 3 hours in the morning, and at first, they were incredibly enthusiastic and well behaved. As the days passed, they became cheekier, moodier and were misbehaving regularly. The children's level of English is actually pretty good, so I spend the mornings going through their workbook, watching english programs, playing games and helping them with their homework. Their favourite game is bingo, which I find rather amusing, as it is what I associate with the older generation in the UK. The girls also love to sing and dance, much to my amusement. They know all the words to Adele - Rolling in the Deep which always puts a smile on my face. 

The mother obviously finds the kids hard work at times, but in general, she copes rather well with them. Something which has surprised me though is the way the parents speak to the children. They can be incredibly nice and complimentary but they can also get pretty angry. (The Spaniards would call it 'passionate.') I would never dream of swearing at my children, but I have heard them being called a few naughty words when the children misbehave. Maybe the children pick up these words from their parents, or from other children at school, but the children regularly say in Spanish 'fat ass' or 'asshole' to each other. The four year old boy has an obsession with my 'culo' (bottom) and will often insult it. (I didn't think it was a large bottom, but maybe he is right…) I encountered a rather awkward moment a few days back when the little girl was playing with her bits, and her mother asked me what the name of that body part was in English. I blushed and just said urrrrrm… bottom? I couldn't exactly say Vagina could I!?!

Anyway, enough of that. My Spanish has improved quite a lot since being here, as I am always picking up new bits of vocabulary and phrases off the children. It's rather annoying though because I can't speak Spanish with the mother unless the children are out of the room. They have been told that I cannot speak or understand any Spanish in order for them to improve their English. I must not complain though, as the reason I am being paid by the family is to speak English all the time with the children. 

The weather has been ridiculous in Madrid, reaching up to 38 degrees every day. It is incredibly hot up until 11pm in the evening, which is proving rather difficult to sleep in. I am building up a pretty sweet tan though! 

I am living with the family in a really modern flat 30 minutes from the centre of Madrid. It's a big urbanisation with a swimming pool, tennis courts and a huge park area. I spend my free time in the afternoon either lounging by the pool, walking around the centre of Madrid or eating at some of my favourite cafes and restaurants. I do wish there were more people here that I knew though, as even though I enjoy my own company, is does get a little lonely at times. Every time I re-visit somewhere, so many fond memories come flooding back. 

I try and eat out when I can, as I really don't like Spanish cuisine. For breakfast I will have a couple of biscuits, toast and Nesquik, which isn't too bad. However, lunch and dinner is a different story. When I told the family that I didn't eat fish, they couldn't believe it. They have eaten fish 4 out of 5 nights so I usually eat any else that is in the fridge. I'm really starting to dislike green beans and processed sausages though... I am losing weight by the minute, but I'm sure as soon as I get home, my mother will plump me back up again with her amazing food. 

We were meant to go to Tarragona this week, but the family have decided to stay in Madrid. They are so much more laid back about plans. I'm really glad we are staying in Madrid though, as the mother said there wasn't much to do in Tarragona, and also it means I can go out at the weekend and see my buddies. 

I am going to post about my weekend at Madrid Gay Pride in the next couple of days, so watch this space! 

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