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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Doner Kebab

I am writing this post from a random hotel room in La Almunia de Doña Godina… To cut a very long story short, we left Monasterio de Piedra at 5 o'clock this afternoon to go to Comaruga, a town on the beach near Barcelona. Three and a half hours later, we had only made it 30km down the motorway...

The mother was having a panic attack at the wheel as she said the car felt weird to drive… She's a very stressy, nervous woman, and overreacts all the time about the tiniest things. So she decided she needed to stop somewhere to get the car checked out. We trekked around 5 or 6 car garages, and finally found one which could look at the Audi. However, they could only look at her car the next morning. So after various heated phone calls between the father and mother, we decided to leave the car at the garage and check into a hotel for the night. Everyone was starving, and there wasn't a McDonalds or Burger King in sight, so the mother decided we should have pizza from a random Doner Kebab shop. It was the exact replica of my favourite Doner Kebab joint on Broad Street which I only ever frequent when I'm intoxicated. I went for the safe option and decided upon a cheese pizza, and whilst I was munching, I saw on the TV that Kate Middleton had given birth to a baby boy! What a classy way to celebrate the birth of the future King of England. 

The next day we found out that the car wheels had too much dirt on, which meant the car felt odd to drive...WOW. 

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