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Monday, 12 August 2013

Monasterio De Piedra

During my Aupairing adventure, I spent just over a week in a place called Monasterio De Piedra, a forestal area near Zaragoza. We stayed in a Spanish farm house on the top of a cliff, which looked down onto waterfalls and a huge forest. Despite the area being beautiful, it was my least favourite place during my Aupairing experience, as it was pretty bloody boring. There was no TV or internet in the house, and the nearest shop was at least 20 minutes away in the car. Despite dying a little inside when I found out there was no internet, it was actually really refreshing to spend a week away from technology, focusing on my own thoughts and taking in breathtaking surroundings. We spent our mornings at the swimming pool, afternoons walking around the national park, and our evenings making pancakes.

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