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Thursday, 13 June 2013

How To Eat Like A Queen On A Student Budget In Madrid

El Tenedor is a website where you can reserve tables in restaurants all over Spain. For those that know me, I love a good bargain! I get it from my mama...her nickname is actually Bargain Boxer! I also love good food. It is really hard in Madrid not to get sucked into the touristy restaurants. They end up costing you a small fortune, and the food is usually not that great. So when I found El Tenedor I was over the moon. They handpick some of the best restaurants in the area, and give you a discount up to 50% off if you reserve a table online. You need to order a minimum of 2 dishes per person, and it doesn't include drinks, however, I have had some pretty tasty meals in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia, for a fraction of the usual price.
If you totally love gourmet food, but can't afford going for pricey meals all the time, then check out El Tenedor.

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