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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Summer Plans

I really wanted to get an internship over summer, something related to social media and blogging, because at the moment I have a real passion for it. After lots of searching, applications and interviews, it obviously wasn't meant to be. So then I started looking at working abroad over summer. After living in Madrid for a year, all I want to do now is travel. I then started looking at Aupairing. My cousin is the cutest little thing in the world, and even though he can be a little terror at times, my family always comment on how patient I am with him. So I thought, maybe I could spend the summer in a hot country, getting paid to look after little kiddies! I signed up to Aupair World, and I was so surprised at the amount of Spanish families that wanted English Aupairs. 

Long story short, I have met a lovely family from Madrid, with three children, who want me to travel with them over Summer. I can't believe I will get to return to Madrid, my true love! So I'm going back on the 1st July for 2 weeks, then we are going to Zaragoza to spend 2 weeks in a Monastry/National Park, and then the family are going to spend 2 weeks in Chelsea, London. The Aupairing experience will be completely different to the Erasmus experience, but I'm very excited nonetheless.

I thought that My Little Spanish Adventure was coming to an end, but it now there is another adventure that I will be embarking on. I cannot wait to see what it has in store for me this time! 

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