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Monday, 6 May 2013


Feeling a bit worse for wear, we decided to make our way down to the beach, with lots of hangover food, for an afternoon of sunbathing. (living the dream!) We got our tan on for about 2 hours, then got very bored so decided it was time for Megan's ice cream of the day. As we got to the ice-cream van we started to hear some really good tunes, and ended up following the music. 

Somehow we stumbled across an absolute winner. It was a Moet and Chandon champagne bar, all outside, with white beds. Not usually my cup of tea, but I had a whale of a time. Bikini's and maxi skirts were adorned, as well as a rather cringe flat cap that I found on the beach. We hastily got the Gin and Tonics in.. hare of the dog and all that jazz. 4 hours later we were all overcome with this huge urge to pretend we were Shakira, dancing to African Tribal music in front of about 50 people. 
We really did not want to leave this place. With views of the Puerto, huge white boats, bright blue sea and sky, surrounded by palm trees, everything was just perfect.  
We left the bar, slightly disheartened as we had a dinner reservation to rush back for. We just wanted to be there all night. When i returned home I searched for the bar in Google and realised that that day was their opening weekend again for the summer. 

This place really is a MUST SEE in Valencia, if you are looking for a chilled bar, near the beach, with some ridiculous tunes, then this place is everything you could wish for, and more.  

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