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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

What Is/Is Not Socially Acceptable In Madrid?

What Is Socially Acceptable in Madrid?

1. Wearing sunglasses indoors, especially on the metro. The Spanish are all about creating that mysterious, too cool for school look... I just do it when I'm looking rough. 

2. Staring, especially on the Metro. Cast your eyes on someone on the Metro, look at them up and down, check out what they are wearing, stare into their eyes, and don't worry if they spot you… keep looking and don't get scared. 

3. Being late. In Madrid you should never be on time for anything. Being on time is just not cool here. 

4. Kissing twice on the cheek when you greet someone. This is the cause of many awkward moments when someone only goes for one kiss, and you are left hovering in their personal space with your lips pursed ready for another one. 

5. Being slow. Everyone in Madrid, whether young or old, walks at the pace of a tortoise. In England everyone always seems to be in a rush, but in Spain, the pace of life is extremely slow. I have places to be, people to see, and I just want to kick them up the hiney and tell them to move out of the way!

What is NOT Socially Acceptable in Madrid?

1. Non-Spanish Clothing. Women, don't wear anything else but jeans and parka coats, no matter what time of year it is. Even in the blistering heat, it's just not socially acceptable to get your pins/cleavage out. If you dare try, I promise you will spend your whole day trying to cover up your skin as you receive disapproving looks off old women, and unwanted attention from men. Unless you like that greasy, slimey, tracksuit wearing fella who is desperately trying to chat you up. 

2. Being polite. Spanish people are not polite, and they don't do queues. Every man is out for themselves. Since moving here I've realised that English people are incredibly polite, and I love that. The English are forever saying sorry, queueing patiently and giving up their seat on public transport. The Spanish on the other hand, are quite the opposite. 

3. Going out early. You shouldn't be going to a club in Madrid until at least 3am. PRO - The Metro will be open when you leave the club. CON - You will have been drinking from 11pm until 7am, and by this time, you probably won't even know what a Metro is...

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