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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Picoteo Devicio

 Taggliatelle with prawns
Vegetable Tempura
Mini Hamburger
Parmesan, pesto and pine-nut foam. 
Chocolate cake with strawberry ice-cream
 Apple tart with dulce de leche ice-cream

"Platos exquisitos y muy elaborados a precios económicos..."

So we decided that we were going to go to this very good Tapas bar for dinner on the 2nd night in Valencia. Stupidly we didn't ring up and reserve, and instead just sat outside the restaurant for 1 and a half hours, munching on Doritos and dip and playing Uno.. Despite our positive attitude, our hearts were crushed when they said they were fully booked for that night. So we returned on the Saturday,expecting an epic meal, as it was ranked 5th best restaurant in Valencia on Trip Advisor. And that was what we received. 
Very very cheap, excellent quality tapas dishes, with a modern twist. Megan and I decided to have 10 dishes between us, so we could taste a little bit of everything. BAD IDEA. We were stuffed by the 5th dish, but Megan kept on ploughing through. My favourites were the parmesan, pesto and pine nut foam, crunchy battered aubergine covered in honey with humus dip, spicy tomato taggliatelle with huge griddled prawns, pasta nest topped with a fried egg and chorizo cream, and finally the caramelised apple pie with dulce de leche ice cream.

I hugely recommend this place to anyone in Valencia. Make sure you ring up and reserve as they are extremely popular. Tasty, elegantly presented, stupidly cheap food. What could be better?! 

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