The life of a fashion, music and food fanatic on her Year Abroad in Madrid.

Friday, 31 May 2013

Madrid Heavies

During the 80's, Madrid gave birth to a counter cultural movement called La Movida Madrileña. After Franco died in 1975, the Spanish economy was resurrected and a new Spanish identity was born. La Movida was characterised by freedom of expression, hedonistic behaviour, the use of recreational drugs, but most importantly, a complete rebellion against the fascist Franco regime.

Malasaña was the hub of all 'Movida' activity in the 80's, and if you walk through the neighbourhood today, you can still see signs of this. I know I talk about Malasaña a lot, but I really do love this area. It homes such an eclectic mix of people, and as you walk around, you really feel like you have travelled back in time.

The Heavy Metal scene really exploded in Madrid during La Movida, and it is still very much alive today. During the first few months in Madrid, I would occasionally spot two grey haired fellas, dressed in extremely tight, heavy rock inspired clothing, walking aimlessly through the city. It wasn't until recently that we asked them for a photo outside Bershka, Gran Via, and this sparked a wee bit of an obsession with them.

The twins are called 'Los Hermanos Alcázar' and are somewhat an icon in Madrid. They hang out outside Bershka every single day from 5 until 8pm, and have been for many many years. This exact spot was the home of Madrid Rock, a famous record store for rock fanatics, which closed down a few years ago. Madrid Rock sold records, held record signings and gigs, which the Brother's always went to. Despite being replaced by a retail store, the brothers still claim this area as their own. In a recent interview they said "we were reluctant to see Gran Via converted into pure consumerism."

In another interview, the Brothers explain that in the 80's, they lost 40 close friends to drug and alcohol abuse. This really affected them, and they have been teetotal now for 20 years. The brothers don't have jobs, and retrieve food from bins outside Lidl. This is completely their own choice, as they have had jobs in the past, but didn't like being tied down.

When we chatted to the Brothers, they were surprisingly so friendly! If you see them in Madrid, don't be scared to go have a chat with them! They love all the attention, especially off women!